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“So I started using Cani-Mend and I felt like it was really dulling the pain that I was having. I was like, wow this is great.”

Dara Torres, 5x Olympian

“I’ll spread this on sore muscles and roll out… it helps my muscles so much, so I highly recommend this product.”
Morgan Willett, Reality TV Star
Cani-mend Cream 400

Cani-Mend CBD Cream 400

We’re offering Cani-Mend for free because we want everyone to discover the natural way to ease muscle and joint discomfort.

Cani-Mend is used by Olympians and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, and MLB. Now you can experience the pain relief secrets of the pros.

Product Details

Repair & Recover
Cani-Mend is formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract and selected botanicals to ease muscle discomfort instantly. Formulated with coconut oil to promote hydration and protect the skin. Keep your body feeling in tip-top shape, always!

400 mg of hemp-derived CBD, Aloe vera, Safflower oil, Vitamins E & C, 0% THC.

This topical hemp-derived CBD cream for muscle discomfort is easily absorbed into the skin to provide soothing relief to your muscles. It’s light and airy texture makes it easy to apply and absorbs fast into the skin to provide instant relief to the affected area. Our CBD cream formulation leaves the skin soft and hydrated. CBD cream is ideal for applying on larger muscle groups.

Distilled water, aloe vera, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerin, palmitic acid, tocopherol, potassium sorbate, vitamin C, citric acid, rosemary oil, safflower oil, cannabidiol (CBD), camphor oil.
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