Medterra vs. CaniBrands Comparison: Which CBD Is Best for You?

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Have you been considering natural remedies to help you with an ailment? If so, you are among millions across the world thinking the very same thing. Over the last few decades, the search for healthy and natural alternatives to prescribed medications has substantially increased. For far too many, taking the pharmaceuticals given to them by their trusted physician can quickly lead to overdose, abuse, and addiction. It can happen to anyone, as we have seen firsthand with the opioid crisis that has seemingly reached every community across the United States and other parts of the world. 

While this pharmaceutical drug addiction and overdose epidemic has been taking place, something far more positive has been happening in lockstep. Researchers looking for alternatives to potentially harmful prescription medications have brought CBD oil to the forefront of the natural supplement market. Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, in our bodies back in the 90s. The human body has endocannabinoid receptors throughout the peripheral and internal nervous system and brain. Our body naturally produces neurotransmitters called cannabinoids, which are sent out to attach to these receptors in order to regulate the body’s internal functions. 

Our digestive system, immune function, and mood are directly linked to the production of cannabinoids. Unfortunately, these natural compounds can break down quickly within our bodies. Research into plant-based cannabinoids indicates that adding them into the body can boost the naturally produced cannabinoids within our system to elevate the stability of the body’s internal functions.

CBD oil has proven to be a viable supplement for helping to boost these naturally occurring cannabinoids, and with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and CBD oil cultivation began surging. Companies from far and wide made their way into this emerging industry, all looking to get their piece of the CBD pie. Brands viewed the CBD landscape in the same way an explorer views uncharted territory; as an opportunity.

While countless brands have thrown their hat in the ring of the CBD industry, a few stand tall above the rest. Two of these brands, CaniBrands and Medterra, have already made a name for themselves in the burgeoning market. But while both companies offer great CBD products for users of all shapes and sizes, which CBD is best for you?


Founded in 2017, Medterra is a CBD company whose hemp-derived CBD oil is cultivated and produced in the United States. The product they produce can be checked for purity and content through their third party lab information available to the public on their website. While the CBD industry is not yet federally regulated for content or dosing, when a company is transparent with the content and quality of the CBD oil used, you can feel confident in knowing that they are serious about the products they produce. 

Medterra’s product line includes tinctures, gummies, gel capsules, and topicals. They are formulated to help with energy, focus, pain management, and more. The unflavored tincture oil they provide has received high praise for its tastelessness and ease of use. If you have tried a low-quality CBD tincture, you know what an accomplishment it is to create a palatable sublingual oil. Medterra’s mantra is built around a promise to care for others, continually innovate, and provide a product that is within everyone’s budget.


CaniBrands is a CBD wellness brand that has dedicated itself to the total customer experience by combining high-potency CBD oil with various vitamins and herbal extracts to create products that work better together. Founded in 2018, this growing lifestyle brand has an extensive offering of CBD products.

CaniBrands products are built on the foundation of four different CBD experiences; Cani-Boost, Cani-Fresh, Cani-Mend, and Cani-Sleep. These potent experiences include application methods including oils, topicals balms, creams, softgels, and convenient oral sprays that allow for micro-dosing, discretion, and ease of use. For those seeking natural energy boost, enhanced focus, improved pain management, reduction in anxiety, and achieving a better night’s sleep, CaniBrands has you covered.

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews the company has received, CaniBrands boasts several high-profile ambassadors, including former Olympian Dara Torres, former NHL star Paul Bissonnette, and former NCAA and NHL strength coach Justin Roethlingshoefer. All of CaniBrands product lines are rigorously tested by one of the industry’s leading laboratories to ensure quality, purity, and potency.

Which CBD Is Best for You?

Deciding which CBD is best for you is indeed a matter of personal preference. While each brand has its appeal and specific values, it is up to you to determine the most appealing attributes in your desired CBD product. Both Medterra and CaniBrands have a multitude of product lines and strong consumer reviews in the market. The use of CBD is a very personal experience for us all, so trying out different brands and products is an excellent way to find out which ones work best for you individually. The only way to find out what type of CBD works best is to try one out for yourself today!

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