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Fall asleep quickly with the fast-acting and convenient Cani-Sleep oral CBD spray or stay asleep longer with the long-lasting, slow dissolving Cani-Sleep softgels. This holiday season is the perfect time to share the bundle with a friend and give the priceless gift of a great night’s sleep!

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Bundle includes: Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray 250, Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750

Cani-Sleep softgels are formulated with CBD, CBN and melatonin to target all three key sleep phases: relaxation before sleep, falling asleep, and staying asleep. Easy to swallow and flavorless softgels allow for a quick and easy way to consume CBD. Sleep better with this natural sleep solution! The CBD oral spray is discreet and easy to administer, making it perfect to administer without ever having to leave your bed.


Cani-Sleep Oral CBD Spray 250 Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750
250 mg / bottle
8.3 mg / dose
750 mg / bottle
25 mg / dose
30 mg / bottle
1 mg / dose
90 mg / bottle
3 mg / dose
  • Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray 250 – a broad-spectrum hemp extract with melatonin formulation to promote quality sleep and support your natural sleep cycle.
  • Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750 – this unique, multi-ingredient formulation combines hemp-derived broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) with melatonin and roman chamomile to provide you with quality sleep and regulate your natural sleep cycle

Suggested Use

Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray
8 sprays directly into your mouth before bed, or as recommended by your physician. Hold for 25 seconds then swallow.

Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750
1 softgel before bed, or as recommended by your physician.


Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray 250
Purified Water, glycerin*, natural mint flavor, alcohol, fractionated coconut oil (MCT)*, sunflower lecithin, hemp extract broad spectrum (CBD, CBG, CBDV), melatonin, 5-HTP, L-theanine, cramp bark*, feverfew*, ginkgo biloba*, hops*, passionflower*, peppermint leaf*, skullcap*, valerian root*, stevia extract*, potassium sorbate.

Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750
Hemp extract broad spectrum (CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDV, CBDA), melatonin (water-soluble), polysorbate emulsifiers, medium chain triglycerides, beta-caryophyllene, roman chamomile, bovine-derived gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol and water

* indicates organic.

Lab Results

We are committed to product safety, quality and consistency. Our products are pesticide-free, USA-produced and independently lab tested to ensure their purity and potency.

View our lab results:
– Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray 250 here
– Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels 750 here


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