Tip 4: Exercise and Sleep

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Regular and consistent exercise as a part of your daily routine can enhance your sleep duration and quality at nighttime.

Sleep Quality

Research has found that regular exercise increases the amount of time that you spend in deep sleep. Deep sleep is the sleep phase that is the most important for physical restoration. A good amount of deep sleep helps to: boost immune functioning, support a healthy heart, and help to manage stress and anxiety. Research indicates that engaging in a good workout tires and fatigues your body, hence making it easier to fall asleep faster. This is because physical activity requires a large expenditure of energy, which makes you more tired and ready to rest by the end of the day.

Relieve Anxiety & Reduce Stress

Anxiety and stress are two common reasons why individuals often have trouble falling asleep at night. However, physical activity has been found to reduce anxiety and stress, hence making it easier to fall asleep. Exercise is crucial for proficient mental fitness. By getting in these 30 active minutes per day, research shows that a workout will reduce daily fatigue and stress, enhance alertness and concentration, and increase cognitive functioning. This is very helpful for when your stress and anxiety build up and deplete your concentration ability. For example, five minutes of aerobic exercise has been found to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.


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