Tip 5: Bathe To Relax

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Using warm showers before bedtime is a great remedy for a better night’s sleep. This is because the warm water can help you to relax. This is also because your body temperature drops after a warm bath which helps induce better sleep.

A study conducted at the University of Texas found that taking a ten to fifteen minute shower an hour before bedtime between 104-108.5 degrees Fahrenheit improved sleep quality and efficiency.

During the day, your body’s core temperature changes naturally according to your circadian rhythm. One of the main functions of your circadian rhythm is to help control your sleep-wake patterns. Your brain depends on your body temperature to either sleep or be awake. After sunset, your body temperature begins to slowly cool – which signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. At this point, your brain releases melatonin and signals to the rest of your body that it is time to sleep. By taking a shower with warm water at night, it will help assist the process of thermoregulation. After getting out of a warm shower, the water quickly evaporates from your skin which will cool you down and prepare yourself to sleep.

The beneficial effects of warm showers on your body’s thermoregulation process is just one of the several positive effects of taking a shower before bedtime. If you aren’t convinced yet to give this strategy a try, here are a few other benefits:

  • Showers reduce your stress, and helps you to relax both emotionally and physically. When you are feeling less stressed, it is significantly easier to fall asleep.
  • Showering forces you to disconnect from technology. This gives you a chance to unplug and unwind, freeing up a few minutes to not watch Netflix or check Instagram. Having a nighttime shower is a time for you to relax and destress – just focus on the warm water pouring over you.
  • If you hit the gym during the day, showering just before bed is essential for relaxing your overworked and fatigued muscles. It will also assist in preventing muscle spasms and cramping throughout the night.
  • If your house is chaotic in the morning with everyone rushing to try to get into the bathroom, showering at night will save you some essential time. Since you showered the night before, you can use your morning to journal, meditate, chat with a loved one over your morning coffee, or catch an additional 20 minutes of snoozing. So, try showering at night so you can relax and take your time to unwind.


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