Tip 7: Mindfulness to Sleep

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Many struggle with shutting off their internal dialogue, especially before bed. An active mind can really hinder one’s ability to sleep. Feelings of restlessness, anxiety and frustration and keep a wandering mind awake at night.

In order to reduce your wandering mind at night- there are some items that you can depend on that are easy-to-find, reliable and most importantly, effective. For starters, perhaps finding guided meditations on applications such as YouTube or Spotify can help you fall asleep. There are so many options available including bedtime stories, or breathing exercises that are catered to help you sleep. If you are willing to give applications a try, there are many applications available that provide users with new content related to bedtime stories or meditations to help you sleep.

Regardless of where your mindfulness practice comes from, hopefully clearing your mind before bed can help you drift into sleep.


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