Top Benefits of CBD for Muscle Pain and Recovery

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For the many who are seeking new product options for managing minor body aches, there looks to be an appealing new option developing a good reputation amongst its users; CBD oil.

CBD oil serves many purposes, one of the most prominent being its ability to reduce the body’s aggressive response and manage homeostasis. The body has an internal and peripheral nervous system that regulates key bodily functions. The system used to control these internal functions is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system naturally produces cannabinoids that send and receive messages between cannabinoid receptors throughout the nervous system and the brain. Research is beginning to show that adding plant cannabinoids to the ECS may boost the naturally occurring compounds produced within the body, providing a multitude of potential health benefits. 

The cannabis plant is full of hundreds of different types of cannabinoids. The two most common are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical that is not mind-altering. This distinct difference allows CBD to be made available to a broader group of potential users that feel it is a safe alternative to prescribed pain medications. 

While marijuana is still illegal to be grown and used in some states, the federal government legalized the production and use of the hemp plant with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill allowed for the legal manufacturing of the hemp plant, and opened the doors for research and development of CBD and its many potential medicinal uses. 

Adding CBD to Your Life

There are multiple uses for CBD oil that are currently being researched through university grants and private programs nationwide. CBD oil is not now FDA regulated, and therefore there are currently no recommended doses or guidelines. Independent studies have shown that CBD oil is non-addictive and has no history of being harmful to the body, even in high doses. Other studies show that it is helpful to start with a lower dose of around 10-25 mg/day, increasing your dosage 5-10 mg/week until you find a dose that gives you your desired result. As is the case with any new supplement routine, it is advised that you consult with your doctor or physician before starting a CBD regimen, to make sure it is a safe option for you.

What Is Topical CBD?

Topical CBD is an excellent option for external use, but you may not be aware of exactly what it is. Topical CBD creams and balms are safe and easy-to-use compounds applied to areas of the body where you are experiencing general soreness. The demand for CBD cream for soreness is now on the rise, as it’s now seen as a more holistic alternative to traditional treatments.

Practical Uses of CBD Cream for Recovery

There are many potentially dangerous side effects of medications and sleeping aids. Many of these side effects can also possibly lead to digestive issues, sexual dysfunction, and worse yet, addiction. It’s for this and many other reasons that natural remedies for health issues are increasingly sought after. 

Better Quality Sleep 

A common health issue – one that is also often associated with other general symptoms – can be compromised sleep. Taking a CBD product like a fast-acting oral spray can help to promote relaxation and lead to improved sleep. Helping to increase the quality and duration of deep sleep can lead to many positive benefits. Falling asleep longer and more soundly is paramount for body rejuvenation, while also supporting short and long-term memory and overall mental clarity. An option for an oral CBD spray for recovery would be the Cani-Mend oral spray, as well, if, in need of muscle relaxation, CBD pain relief creams are also a viable option before bed being paired with a Cani-Sleep product. 

CaniBrands Topical CBD Products

CaniBrands is a highly trusted CBD brand with a wide range of products and is a top choice of elite athletes, including Paul Bissonnette, Dara Torres, and Justin Roethlingshoefer. Athletes have been turning to CBD oil as a safe alternative to other pain relievers for managing pain. Yet there are numerous benefits to using CBD that athletes are beginning to utilize. Just ask one of CaniBrand’s very own ambassadors, 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres.

For those experiencing soreness, CaniBrand’s Cani-Mend Topical Creams present an incredibly viable option for relief. Whether you’re sore from working out or just working hard, discover the restorative benefits of hemp-derived CBD with the Cani-Mend experience. Available in an easy to apply CBD pain relief cream, CBD balm, or CBD oral spray in different sizes, Cani-Mend is a must-have to provide relief to your body, keeping you feeling in tip-top shape every day!

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