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CaniBrands™ Goes Global with Brazil Partnership Distribution partnership in Brazil provides early advantage in emerging CBD market

Walnut Creek, CA, Aug. 11, 2020 — CaniBrands, a sports, fitness, and wellness CBD company, today announced a new distribution partnership launching in Brazil this fall.

“Our all-day wellness solutions, Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, Cani-Fresh™, and Cani-Sleep™ have shown consistent consumer adoption in the US among both men and women seeking a healthier lifestyle,” said Chris Lord, CEO of CaniBrands. “We designed these products to support common issues such as sleep, energy, anxiety, and recovery and we know that many people face these challenges wherever they happen to be around the globe. We’re very pleased that international consumers will be able to access these products through reliable distribution partners and we look forward to hitting store shelves in new geographies before the end of the year.”

Access to distribution expertise via a strategic Brazilian partner gives CaniBrands the opportunity to be an industry leader in a massive market. This partnership will provide access to over 9,000 pharmacies and an in-country, prescription-based e-commerce model. Marketing, launch, and point-of-sale plans are being developed collaboratively.

“Brazil, with a population of 210 million people is opening its market to medicinal CBD via prescription and this import and distribution arrangement is compliant with the directives of ANVISA, which manages medicinal cannabis across the country,” said business partner Felipe Hasson of Dinho Trade International of Miami, Florida. “This agreement will see Cani-Fresh™ imported by CBD Med, with a local management team experienced in consumer packaged goods and retail sales distribution throughout Brazil and there is an opportunity to scale to 40,000 units per month.”

“We are thrilled to bring CaniBrands to Brazil. Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for natural CBD solutions to help the challenges many Brazilians face,” said Guilherme Jabur, COO of CBD Med of Sao Paulo, Brazil. “Cani-Fresh 1500 and 6000 mg broad spectrum sublinguals will be our first products available to thousands of pharmacies and our prescription-based e-commerce model. We plan to expand to other CaniBrands products supporting our customers with great choices.”

“We searched exhaustively for the right North American partner to support our entry into the CBD market in Brazil and CaniBrands proved to be the perfect fit. We were impressed with the quality of the products and plethora of athletes and consumers identifying how well the CaniBrands products work,” said Fernando Lacerda, CFO of CBD Med. “Cani-Fresh is showing extremely positive feedback in the US and we felt the brand could easily translate to the Brazilian wellness market.”

For more information about obtaining Cani-Fresh™ products in Brazil, contact CBD Med at www.cbd.med.br.

For more information about partnership opportunities with CaniBrands, visit www.canibrands.com.

For media inquiries contact Ada Lovelace Rampersaud, Account Executive at ada@marigoldpr.com or at (416) 648 4150.

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation CBD products company specializing in the sports, fitness, and wellness marketplace. Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, Cani-Fresh™, and Cani-Sleep™ brands are “Better Together,” combining CBD, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts.

Customers and professional athletes tell us the products “really work” to support energy, focus, and sleep. Along with sublingual oils, softgels, topical balms and creams, CaniBrands provides an industry-leading line of convenient oral sprays that are easy to use and enable micro-dosing.

A private company serving the USA and extending to global markets via wholesale partners, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer sales, CaniBrands is setting the bar for quality in the nascent CBD market. CaniBrands’ ecommerce platform and free home delivery system ships products nationally to thousands of customers coast to coast.

CaniBrands partners with professional sports leaders and celebrities to advocate for an all-natural approach to health and wellness, and to further research and develop industry-leading products to support consumers. Learn more at www.canibrands.com.

About CBD Med

CBD Med is on the forefront of importing cannabis-based products throughout Brazil. As the country eases regulations around CBD to make products more readily available, CBD Med is committed to making it easier for Brazilians to access high-quality products for medicinal purposes. The company was formed with a group of partners with over 60 years of experience in alcohol distribution, retail sales, marketing, and luxury retail department store operations. CBD Med’s mission is to preserve and improve human life by relieving pain and disease through technology and innovation.

Learn more at www.cbd.med.br.

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