“Having quality and reliable products is key in this new space where it very much still the Wild West. CaniBrands does a great job in ensuring they are 3rd party tested and have nothing but the best when it comes to producing products dealing with pain management and recovery.”


Justin Roethlingshoefer

CaniBrands’ Ambassador

Former Head Strength Coach (NHL, NCAA, AHL)
Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

Former Head Strength Coach (NHL, NCAA, AHL) Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

Justin has over 12 years experience in the sports performance, sport science, health, nutrition & fitness fields. Justin runs a private camp for professional hockey players and is the founder of, Own It, a high-performance coaching practice. Justin is also a former Head Strength Coach for the NHL, NCAA, and AHL.

Justin Roethlingshoefer has partnered with CaniBrands to produce the money-back guaranteed Cani-Sleep Better Bundle. This bundle is the perfect combination of our best-selling Cani-Sleep products with weekly coaching sessions lead by Justin, where he’ll analyze your individual sleep trends and gain personal insights on improving your sleep habits.

Justin's Favorite CaniBrands Products

Learn how CaniBrands products support Justin with improving his sleep tracking results and dealing with pain management and recovery.

Cani-Fresh CBD Oil

Cani-Fresh Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
“I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and nothing has left me more clear, calm and free than the Can-i-Fresh. Without stimulant or THC in it, it allows for my mind to be sharp and be fully present.”


Cani-Mend CBD Cream

Cani-mend Cream 400

“Throughout the day, especially if I’m skating, if I’m on the ice, after a workout, I use the Cani-Mend cream on any muscles or joints that are feeling it.”


Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray

“At night, this is the one product that I absolutely swear by. That, whether I’m traveling, whether I’m home, no matter where I am, I have to have Cani-Sleep spray. 5 shots of that at night and it’s completely changed the way that I sleep.”


Conversations with Justin Roethlingshoefer

Justin Roethlingshoefer on Sleep Debt

Why do we live in a world where everyone is sleep deprived? Why is sleep essential for fueling and preparing for tomorrow? Learn from Justin Roethlingshoefer about solutions for improving your sleep tonight!

Justin Roethlingshoefer's Favorite CaniBrands Product

Justin discusses how Cani-Sleep CBD Oral Spray immediately benefited the overall quality of sleep from the first-time he used the product. Watch to learn more about his improved REM sleep, slow-wave sleep, and falling asleep faster.

Justin Roethlingshoefer on The Morning Skate Podcast

Watch Justin Roethlingshoefer as he joins The Morning Skate to discuss all things related to health, mindset and physical performance. Dive deeper into his experience with CBD, Own It and the 8 controllables that increase energy and optimize personal growth.

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