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25+ time CaniBrands Purchaser

Boston, MA

“I always carry Cani-Boost in my bag to keep me physically and mentally sharp through long rounds of golf”

“I can say I used to have so much trouble falling asleep from overthinking when I laid down. I’ve pillow every night. I take it an hour before bed time and I fall asleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed every night! Can I Sleep has made such a great impact on my night time routine so that I can thrive during the day.”


25+ time CaniBrands Purchaser

Los Angeles, CA

” I have been using CaniBrands products for about a year and find them to be superior to other brands of CBD products I have tried. My sleep issues have improved and the cream really helps ease pain and soreness. I have recommended your products to others who switched to CaniBrands after trying them out. I find the company has continued to improve their products and even lower prices plus offer deeply discounted specials. Go Sabres!”

Eric and Julie

25+ time CaniBrands Purchaser

Boston, MA

“My wife and I have been using your products from the moment CaniBrands began and we could not have been happier with our decision. The boost and sleep are critical components to our overall health and wellness. We are extremely active cycling, playing hockey, weight training, etc and the products have assisted us greatly with energy and recovery. Keep up the great work!”

NHL Players

NHL Hockey Player

St Louis Blues

St Louis, MO

“The experience I’ve had with CaniBrands has been highly beneficial. The Cani-Mend repair and recover cream directly targets aches and pains while soothing the problem area that results in a quicker recovery. The Cani-Sleep helps put me in a deep relaxing state while the Cani-Boost focus and energize hits with a consistent clear mind set. Highly recommend these products.”

NHL Hockey Player

Boston Bruins

Boston, MA

“The boost is amazing. Take it before every game. Just ordered some more. The sleep is good too. Having the spray on the nightstand is a game-changer.”

NHL Hockey Player

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia, PA

“Last night first time I slept almost 7 hours without waking up”…. Getting better each day. That fresh is awesome.“

Voice of the customer



New Jersey

“I’ve been testing out their Cani-Mend Repair & Recovery cream after long runs, races & my recent triathlon. After trying a ton of different CBD companies, I can finally say I’ve found my holy grail products.

Cani-Mend has helped me heal, recover from soreness much faster (especially after cross-training and using different muscles than I’m used to!)⁣ and is the best natural pain reliever i’ve found.”


“Canibrands Canimend cream helps my terrible neck pain that occurs every day as a frontline health care worker. Bending down drawing blood and tending to each patient creates a dull ache that this cream almost always helps mend.”


Houston, Texas

“This cream gets rid of all of my pain in my lower back, which I’ve never felt for years of my life. This instantly released my pain within 5 minutes and for hours I feel normal.”



“Both the Can-i-Boost and Can-i-Sleep are amazing but it’s incredible how quickly the sleep spray works! I really can feel the difference right away. So much so that I’ve had to hide it from my husband!! LOL!”



“So grateful for your sleep blend – nothing has helped me sleep like this!”


District of Columbia

“Tremendous selection of products for everyday use. I feel great and attribute this to CaniBrands’ high quality ingredients that serve their products really well.”



.”I can tell a difference at work with focusing when I take some Can-i-Boost drops before the work day, and there is a perfect boost in the afternoon once I start to crash.”


“Product has been phenomenal. I had so much trouble sleeping for so long due to anxiety and stress, and nothing seemed to work. This product has had a positive effect on my overall well-being.”



“Canibrands is my new favorite pre workout regimen!!! Cani-boost is a mint flavored CBD oil that you put under your tongue for extra energy and focus!! Cani-Boost tastes great and helps me to get a great workout in! I love Canibrands because it helps my mind to body connection, helping me to get the ultimate lift in!”


“Haven’t slept this well in a while. The Cani Sleep drops have helped me eliminate stress before going to bed and sleep through the night.”


“Product has been phenomenal. I had so much trouble sleeping for so long due to anxiety and stress, and nothing seemed to work. This product has had a positive effect on my overall well-being.”


“This stuff knocks you out in a good way. Best sleep ever! Take recommended dosage about an hour before bed and sleep like a rock, wake up feeling refreshed.”


“CaniBoost and CaniMend are game changers. I can’t get on the ice without them. Incredible results, I use them daily.”


“When I wake up tired and groggy I use Cani-Boost instead of coffee and immediately my head clears and I am ready for the day. It’s a fantastic alternative to coffee”


Since my retirement from the Marine Corps I have worked several jobs and in November of last year had back surgery for stenosis. Since the surgery I’ve done rehabilitation and found out that I have a knee issue a lesion on my right knee which keeps me from exercising and building me My legs back. I’ve been putting your cream on at 200 mg of CBD for a month and I’m pretty much walking normal you made a believer out of me!


“I use both the Cani-Sleep and Cani-Boost. Although I still wake up throughout the night, my mind does not seem to race as much so I am able to fall back asleep.”

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