Cani-Boost CBD for Energy

Focus & Energize

Boost your energy and focus your mind for peak mental and physical performance.

Cani-Boost CBD products are uniquely formulated with coffee bean extract to revive and replenish your energy levels and increase endurance and focus. Whether it’s a boost in the morning, a boost to get you through the workday, or a boost through that last rep at the gym, Cani-Boost provides energy and focus throughout your entire day. Trusted by customers and used by athletes in all different forms, our all-natural CBD oils and CBD oral sprays are easy to use and really work. You have things to do and places to be, so we’re here to empower you to achieve your goals.

Feel amazing with plant-based CBD all day, everyday.  Just look for this symbol.

Feel amazing with plant-based CBD all day, everyday.  Just look for this symbol.

The Choice is Yours

Our Cani-Boost experience is offered in two different forms with two different dosages: CBD Oral Spray and CBD Oil.

Cani-Boost CBD Oral Spray

Cani-Boost CBD Oral Spray

Offered with 250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD, CBG, CBDV), our Cani-Boost CBD oral spray is compact and easy to carry in your pocket or your bag to help you dose on the go. Its low-dose option and precise spray technology allow you the option to micro-dose your CBD intake and easily adjust the dose as needed.
Precise spray technology ideal for micro-dosing or for first-time users.
Convenient packaging for on-the-go lifestyles.
Consume mid-afternoon to stay focused and beat that 3pm slump.

Cani-Boost CBD Oil

Offered with 1,500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBDV), our Cani-Boost CBD oil is a high-dose option. It’s measured dropper allows for full autonomy over your CBD dosage – whether you want a quarter, half or the full dose. This oil can be consumed directly or added to a liquid and consumed (e.g. coffee, tea, juice).
Measured dropper allows for easy autonomy over dosage.
Maximize absorption by applying drops under your tongue.
Consume pre-workout or pre-workday to optimize your performance and focus.

Cani-Boost CBD Oil

Trusted and Loved by Consumers All Across America

TV personalities say the products “really work!”
"I’ll take this about 30 minutes before my workout, it gives me energy and gets me motivated.”

Reality TV Star (400k+ Followers)
@Astrid_Loch on Cani-Boost CBD Oil

“One drop of this helps you focus, energize and my favorite part is it doesn’t give you the jitters.”

Big Brother Winner (300k+ Followers)
@morganleighwillett on Cani-Boost CBD Oil


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