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CaniBrands Provides Innovation in CBD Solutions with the Cani-Sleep Better Bundle

March 11, 2021 – CaniBrands Provides Innovation in CBD Solutions with the Cani-Sleep™ Better Bundle

In support of National Sleep Awareness Month, CaniBrands, a leading CBD products company, today announced the launch of the Cani-Sleep™ Better bundle, uniquely combining products and services to provide a holistic sleep solution. 

Backed by the 30-day money-back Cani-Sleep guarantee, the Cani-Sleep Better bundle combines the best-selling Cani-Sleep products with weekly coaching sessions to analyze personal sleep trends using data from a wearable device or sleep tracking app. 

With exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to high-performance coach Justin Roethlingshoefer’s Own It community of pro athletes and elite performers, subscribers to the Cani-Sleep Better bundle will learn the secrets to achieving better sleep habits, more productive days, and a higher quality of life. The analytics and data driven approach by Own It’s sleep experts will demonstrate how microdosing can assist individuals’ unique sleep patterns. 

The Cani-Sleep Better bundle represents CaniBrands’ high-touch approach to supporting long-term healthy habits and lifestyle changes. The bundle includes: 

  1. Cani-Sleep CBD Oil (shipped monthly) – With 1500 mg of CBD and 30 mg of melatonin per bottle, this broad-spectrum oil is designed to support the natural sleep cycle and promote a better night’s rest. 
  2. Cani-Sleep Oral CBD Spray (shipped monthly) – This #1 selling product form contains a lower concentration of CBD to help microdose intake with precise spray technology.
  3. Guidance from high-performance coach Justin Roethlingshoefer, Founder of Own It using his 12+ years of experience in the fields of sport performance, sport science, health, nutrition and fitness. Justin has worked as a head strength coach in the NCAA, NHL, AHL, and runs a private camp for pro hockey players.
  4. Weekly coaching sessions every Monday (or on-demand) with Own It to analyze and interpret sleep data from wearable trackers to optimize CBD dosage. 
  5. Options to purchase a Whoop band and/or DNA tests at discounted prices.

Now, more than ever, getting a good night’s rest is a problem across America. CaniBrands, is committed to complete customer satisfaction with the Cani-Sleep experience and offers full, money-back refunds. Terms and conditions apply. Subscribers to the Cani-Sleep Better bundle are billed monthly with the option to cancel any time. 

For more information, visit the CaniBrands website at https://canibrands.com

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation CBD products company specializing in the sports, fitness, and wellness marketplace. Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, Cani-Fresh™, and Cani-Sleep™ brands are “Better Together,” combining CBD, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts. 

Customers and professional athletes say the products “really work” to support energy, focus, pain management, anxiety reduction, and sleep. Along with sublingual oils, softgels, topical balms and creams, CaniBrands provides an industry-leading line of convenient oral sprays that are easy to use and enable micro-dosing.

A private company serving the USA via wholesale partners, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer sales, CaniBrands is setting the bar for quality in the nascent CBD market. CaniBrands’ ecommerce platform and free home delivery system ships products nationally to thousands of customers coast to coast.

CaniBrands partners with professional sports leaders and celebrities to advocate for an all-natural approach to health and wellness, and to further research and develop industry-leading products to support consumers. Learn more at www.canibrands.com.

About Justin Roethlingshoefer

Justin has 12+ years in the Sport Performance, Sport Science, Health, Nutrition & Fitness field. He has worked as a head strength coach in the NCAA, NHL, AHL, and runs a private camp for pro hockey players. He has written three books on mindset, body development & fitness that have been Amazon best sellers for their category. His passion has always been to help people. Justin has devised a plan to share with the world, directly or through others.

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Email: support@canibrands.com

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