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CFN Media Sits Down With Chris Lord, CEO of CaniBrands

CaniBrands brings extensive consumer packaged goods and branding experience to the CBD space, where it has developed a science-based product line encompassing numerous form factors and proprietary formulations. The company’s Can-i products are supported by 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres – its Global Spokesperson – and acclaimed high-performance trainer, Andy O’Brien – its Sports Science Advisor.

In a recent interview with CFN Media, Co-Founder and CEO Chris Lord discusses the company’s unique approach to the market and growing product line.

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation cannabis-infused products company developing the full spectrum of experiences and outcomes for the customer of today and tomorrow. With a focus on the wellness-minded consumer, we’ve teamed up with precision digital marketing partners and professional athletes to tell the CaniBrands story and to collaborate on the development of our future line of ready-to-drink beverages and innovative products. We partner with R&D and science-based organizations to create fast-acting products, using craft licensed producers and manufacturers, distributors, retailers, digital marketers and strategic ambassadors to bring the very best products and experiences to the emerging marketplace. Visit our website to know more www.canibrands.com

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