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Does CBG Help with Soreness?

For anyone paying attention to the CBD landscape over the past decade, you know the litany of health benefits associated with CBD use. One of the primary benefits of CBD lies in its ability to reduce inflammation. You might also be aware that the CBD has innumerable uses, one of the most prominent being its effectiveness for pain relief. There are hundreds of cannabidiols produced by the cannabis plant, but recently, one called CBG has increasingly been gaining attention. Naturally, you may be asking yourself whether it provides the same benefits as CBD, and could it also help with soreness? 

What Is CBG?

CBG, also known as cannabigerol, is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabigerol is known by experts as “the mother of all cannabinoids.” CBG is produced in the early stage of the plant’s growth. Even though many people assume CBG and CBD are the same, the fact is that they are very different from each other. CBG offers health benefits that vary from those of CBD, making them both unique and helpful individually. The most common similarity between the two compounds, which may account for the rise in popularity of both, is that neither contains psychoactive effects of the cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant.

Dealing with Soreness

Soreness in the body is associated with physical suffering and stress, often related to injury or muscle damage.  Soreness differs significantly between individuals, with symptoms ranging from discomfort and sudden twinges to severe cramping, distress, or more. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced some form of pain. We all know that the feeling is unpleasant, and is something we look to avoid at all costs. 

We feel soreness as a result of nerves that detect injuries that alert the brain, causing the body to react and indicate there is a problem that needs to be addressed. By being able to describe your soreness accurately, it helps doctors and other medical professionals to diagnose your medical issue with brevity. Soreness can also include other symptoms, such as weakness and nausea. When chronic soreness is long-term, it can affect mental health by heightening stress and depression.

Types of Soreness

There are multiple types of soreness, but they are qualified into two primary groups: 

1.Acute: This sudden, sharp pain typically is severe but not often long lasting.

2.Chronic: This type of soreness is usually less severe, but can endure for extended periods of time.

Relief with CBG

A typical option for relief of soreness, particularly over the past two decades, has been the usage of potentially dangerous opiate painkillers. Researchers performed a recent study that indicated CBG’s potential effectiveness in treating pain, showing it to be a far more effective and safer option than opioids. Cannabis has become an exciting alternative for relief in recent years, and using it over short or more extended periods of time can offer different levels of relief. 

Because CBG contains all the essential compounds of the cannabis plant, it has been shown to be useful for multiple, pain-inducing situations. CBG directly reacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating the nervous system, memory, digestion, inflammatory response, and many other functions the body performs to keep it running smoothly.

Soreness can be present in several ways, including; neuropathically, centrally, or induced from inflammation. CBG is a promising option in all of these scenarios.


Neuropathic discomfort generally appears as a result of trauma, causing damage to the nerves. Nerve damage pain is a complicated issue that is often difficult to treat. With the use of CBG, it can reduce the discomfort by activating the serotonin receptors in the human body. CBG consumption can boost serotonin levels throughout the body, helping to calm the mind. Users are finding the addition of CBG into their supplement routine can offer positive results for recovery.


Central discomfort is mainly a result of nervous system dysfunctions. Central nervous system discomfort is challenging to pinpoint, and it can be difficult to locate the origin of the cause. Because it is not easily diagnosed, it is also complicated to find an effective treatment. A typical example of central nervous discomfort would be a condition like fibromyalgia. Most have heard the name, and individuals who live with this condition can feel sidelined when doctors are unable to find an answer or treatment for them. A limited but hopeful study of 28 individuals who suffered from this ailment involved treating participants with CBG. In this study, all 28 participants noted an improvement in their symptoms.


Inflammation in the body can damage cells, often leading to a severe and chronic pain reaction. While CBG shows positive results for producing higher serotonin levels that help with the stress and depression often associated with pain, another positive outcome is the anti-inflammatory response it provides. 

In Closing 

While many of the studies referenced above are somewhat limited, and more research needs to be conducted to conclusively say that it can help with any of these issues, CBG has already shown great promise as a potential treatment for a wide variety of conditions and pain symptoms.

Individuals who suffer from any of the above conditions should consider CBG as a viable option for relieving discomfort.

But how does one start using CBG, you ask? While it’s rare to see CBG products advertised when shopping for cannabis or hemp products, there is hope. CaniBrands line of CBD products all contain trace amounts of CBG, working in conjunction with CBD to provide numerous therapeutic benefits for users. So if you are looking to incorporate CBG into your supplement routine, look no further than CaniBrands.

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