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Finding Love and Preparing for Ultramarathons with @emilytheresaruns

Finding a sport that you love to do, and having to get back into it after a break is not an easy task. Emily, also known as @emilytheresaruns on Instagram, was a high-school track and field sprinter. After losing sight of her love for running for a few years and gaining 40lbs in the process, she realized that she wasn’t living a life she was proud of. So, she decided to enter a 5-mile fun run that reminded her how much she loves running. Her first half and full marathons were run during the pandemic, and she has since been drawn to longer trail efforts. Since March of 2021, Emily has finished 8 ultramarathons and countless other races. Her biggest accomplishment can be attributed to her first 100-mile race which was 14 hours long. The race consisted of 101 1 mile loops over the course of 27 hours and 51 minutes. Emily says  that crossing that finish line was the best moment of her life because it was the most difficult challenge she has pursued so far. The incredible support from her loved ones and the running community made it an incredible experience. 

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“Running has become a core part of my everyday well-being.” Emily’s favorite part of running is the community – it presents new opportunities to meet new people and make friends, along with gaining strength from their support and encouragement. In addition, the ability to travel and explore new places while running pushes her mentally and physically, allowing her to grow as a person. “Discovering a passion that allows me to get to know myself better in nature has changed my life.” 

With anything, there are some obstacles that Emily has faced along the way. The biggest obstacle she faces is her own mentality and mindset. With this in mind, she has kept a habit of enforcing and practicing positive thinking.  “When the going gets tough, it’s your mind you have to convince to keep going, not just your body.” Her go-to mantras are, “this is exactly what you came for” and “every step is forward progress.” She also makes a habit of listing what she is most grateful for at every mile mark. 

Since Emily is an MBA graduate, she had the difficult task of balancing school work with her training. She says, “it takes an immense amount of time-management and planning. Most of my weekdays are spent working and getting schoolwork done, so that I am available and unburdened by coursework for long training efforts or races for the weekends. There have been many moments where I have felt I overcommitted myself, but I’ve never regretted prioritizing my time to run.” 

So what does it take for an ultramarathoner to prepare for her races? “I like to fuel and hydrate a few days leading up to my races to know that I’ve given  my body the best chance to perform. I also prioritize sleep and stress management. I’m also out there for no reason other than to have fun because I truly love it – going with the flow and embracing whatever outcome comes is part of my key pre-race mentality.” Emily  is a proud user of CaniBrands CBD health supplement products to help her recover and manage her stress when it comes to preparing for races and in her everyday life. Her favorite product is the Can-i Mend balm. “Until now, I had never noticed a difference when using topical recovery products. This is my go-to after every long run.” The Can-i Mend balm plays an immense role in her routine to help her body repair after long runs and helps her recover faster after long runs. 

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