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When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Researchers and scientists have spent years studying how CBD interacts with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system to treat various medical conditions. This blog will discuss what CBD is, how to find a CBD supplement for you, the three best times of day to take CBD, and different administration methods.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant, which has a long history of use as a medicine. Scientists and clinicians worldwide are now testing and confirming CBD’s medicinal qualities. CBD is among more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are specific to cannabis and give the plant its distinctive medicinal profile. It is a safe, non-addictive chemical legal in most states. 

CBD is closely connected to another essential phytocannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the molecule that gives cannabis its psychoactive properties. CBD and THC both have substantial medicinal properties. On the other hand, CBD does not make people feel “high” or intoxicated as THC does. Because CBD and THC act on distinct receptors in the brain and body, they have different effects. A CBD supplement can be highly beneficial for your health and wellness.

Finding a CBD Product

Consumers can choose from a number of CBD supplements, each with its own set of advantages. Some of the products include balms, creams, and softgels, along with oral sprays and oils. Within these product formulations, caffeine, melatonin, MCT oil, and additional vitamins are occasionally included. This can make the supplements more appealing and increase their favorable effects.

Because tests are so easy to fake these days, the industry practice is to use an independent laboratory that is not linked with the company, also known as a third-party laboratory. These labs will test a sample of the company’s CBD product and provide an unbiased and transparent analysis. It is critical to buy your CBD product from a firm that uses a licenced GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) accredited facility and conducts third-party laboratory testing to assure quality, purity, and consistency.

Three Best Times of Day

The optimum time of day to consume CBD is when it gives you the best effects based on your unique needs. Many individuals choose to take it first thing in the morning, at lesser dosages, to help focus and relax the nervous system. Taking CBD in the afternoon can help re-energize the body and provide workout relief. Others use CBD in the evening to help them relax and breathe easier before going to bed. CBD is used as a daily supplement by certain users to maintain increased levels of endocannabinoids in their circulatory system.


Those who have not slept well and frequently wake up feeling lethargic may find it difficult to start their day. Using a CBD oral spray or tincture containing a little caffeine, such as the Cani-Boost oral spray, can help you get going in the morning. CBD interacts with your brain’s cannabinoids to help remove the fog of insufficient sleep. CBD in the morning is one of the best times to dose since it gives you a clear head to start your day. It will aid in ensuring a balanced nervous system equilibrium, resulting in a tranquil effect. Consequently, you will be able to stay more focused throughout the day, which will help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. CBD can slow down a hyperactive nervous system by modulating the activity of GABA receptors. CBD also works on serotonin receptors and maintains endocannabinoid levels in the body, resulting in a better stress response. However, remember that the greatest thing you can do for yourself when starting any CBD regimen is to listen to your body and explore for yourself. 


The afternoon may have a dragging feel to it. Many people power through afternoon lulls by taking another cup of coffee to help them get through the day. However, too much coffee can make you jittery and agitated or even cause a caffeine crash. Many individuals are forgoing their noon coffee in favor of a more comprehensive approach. Taking a dose of a refreshing CBD oral spray like the Cani-Fresh oral spray, for example, can help your body relax while simultaneously re-energizing it. Perhaps you do your daily workout regimen in the afternoon. A CBD balm or cream can benefit people who are searching for recovery from their workout.


Many individuals have trouble turning off their brains in the evening. The amount of stimuli and information we are exposed to during the day can have an impact on our nervous system’s performance. This might make it difficult to unwind after a long day, and it can also make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. CBD tinctures and sprays are quick-acting preparations that can be taken 20 minutes before bedtime for people experiencing problems falling and staying asleep. Cani-Sleep oral spray, for example, can help calm and relax people who want to go to sleep quickly and deeply. CBD interacts with our sleeping patterns by modulating the activity of different phases of sleep. CBD, for example, can help us fall asleep faster and lessen REM stage abnormalities such as tremors, vocalizations, and rapid bodily movements. CBD can also help us stay in the deepest stage of sleep for longer, resulting in more effective restoration. Dosing CBD oil in the evening is one of the greatest times to take it, whether you are using it to help you sleep better, relieve stress from your everyday routine, or relax after a long day. 

Methods of Administration

CBD oil is ingested beneath the tongue and absorbed through the mouth’s mucous membrane. This type of CBD bypasses the liver’s first-pass metabolism, resulting in faster-acting benefits than oral CBD. It might take up to 30 minutes before you get a relaxing sensation, so scheduling your regimen is much easier. 

Because CBD must travel via your gastrointestinal tract, CBD oral sprays take longer to take effect than sublingual products. Depending on the time of day, your metabolism, and whether you took CBD with food or on an empty stomach, the benefits normally take 30 to 90 minutes to kick in. When you cannot sleep through the night, the optimal time of day to utilize CBD capsules and gummies is in the evening, roughly 2 hours before going to bed. 

CBD creams, ointments, and gels are topical medications that should be used as required to aid with localized pain. Generally, there is no optimal time to use them. CBD will not enter your circulation, but it will bind to cannabinoid receptors on your skin.

CaniBrands CBD Solutions

CaniBrands is a leading CBD company that produces high-quality, third-party lab-tested CBD supplements. CaniBrands’ numerous product lines are precisely created to fulfill the demands of both athletes and health enthusiasts, such as Olympian Dara Torres and 3-time NHL all-star Dion Phaneuf. Combining vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts into CBD offerings, the products are designed to function together to provide the best experience possible, resulting in optimal health benefits.

Final Remarks

So, when is the best time to take CBD? The answer to that depends on your needs and the type of product you choose. It is best to experiment with varying doses and timings while paying attention to your body’s signals. Also, ensure that you order the CBD supplement from a trustworthy provider that uses hemp-derived CBD and analyzes its products for CBD content and purity at a third-party laboratory.

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