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CBD in the Body: Measuring How Long CBD Stays In Your System

It seems as if everywhere we turn these days, somebody is talking about the holistic benefits of CBD. This growing dialogue surrounding CBD is transforming the compound into the belle of the ball in the supplement world. It feels like there is some form of CBD product available in almost every marketplace today; from brick and mortar to e-commerce. It’s found in lotions and skincare products and has even made its way into health drinks and sleep aids.

The term CBD is short for cannabidiol, the chemical compound found in the hemp plant. Research has come a long way in the past couple of decades and has helped us learn that there is much more to the non-psychoactive compound of the plant (CBD) that may prove beneficial to us than initially hypothesized.

Research currently underway on CBD shows positive initial results, and the health and wellness side of the CBD industry is booming. Amidst all the positive changes and progression seen within the industry, people of varying backgrounds are turning to CBD as a solution to a long list of issues. With more and more people adding CBD to their daily regime, it has also brought about the question of how safe it is to use, and how long it may stay in your system. To help in understanding how it reacts with the human body, it helps to know what forms CBD comes in and the different application methods in which it is used.

CBD Forms and Usages

CBD is available in many forms. Creams or Balms are great to use as a topical to soothe your muscles. CBD Softgels are available for a more discreet application of CBD to help clear mental fog and provide mental relief. There are also tinctures (oil-based) and sprays that can be taken orally for a quicker acting form of CBD sleep aid or to provide additional relief. These are just a few of the possible uses of CBD, and with a higher percentage of the population beginning to explore these options, it’s helpful to know just how long the effects of CBD last and how long the chemical can remain in the body.

Is CBD Safe?

Before starting any CBD regiment, we always recommend consulting your doctor or physician to ensure it is safe for you to take. If your doctor deems it safe to begin using CBD, it’s also best practice to start with small doses. The good news about CBD is that it’s non-toxic and you can test your dosage with confidence. Accidentally taking more than what you need will not make you sick, but rather any excess CBD that is not metabolized by your body will be naturally eliminated.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

Metabolism is described as the build-up of substances and the breakdown of substances in the body. Many factors determine the length of time that a substance remains in the body after consumption or ingestion; from the amount and the frequency of use to an individual’s particular physical makeup. Basic knowledge around the use of CBD has shown that it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to feel the effects of CBD. Relative to previous factors, CBD can be detected in as little as 72 hours after application, and remain detectable in the body for a week or more following consumption.

New users may fear that using CBD may show up on a drug test given by an employer and cause a problem. The mystery of not knowing how long CBD stays in the system is a reasonable question for many, and one to not take lightly. You should always look to purchase your CBD products from a company that uses a Certified 3rd Party testing facility to regulate the consistency and quality of its products.

Researching the company you choose to purchase from will ensure you get the product that best suits your needs. For individuals that desire a Certified Broad Spectrum CBD product (containing 0.3% or less of THC), or a Certified CBD Isolate (no THC), companies like CaniBrands can give you the peace of mind you are receiving the right product for your needs. Every individual reacts differently to medications and supplements, so as mentioned above, make sure you consult with your physician before adding CBD into your routine and ensure you are selecting the appropriate product for your desired results.

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